School Guide

School Guide

Message from the Principal

 After graduated from Dalian University of Foreign Languages of China in 1992, I entered Liaoning Province Board of Education (now known as Liaoning Province Department of Education) and was engaged in the communication of education and culture between China and Japan.
After that, I came to Japan for study in 1996. As an international student, I experienced the perfect education system, high level education standard, and enriched international students’ aid system by myself.
After that, I entered a vocational college to teach Japanese to international students and teach Chinese to Japanese students. In addition, I was engaged in helping international students with their daily life and application to further education.
In order to exert my years of experience in education, provide students with better education environment, and realize my dream of cultivating more ambitious international students, I established Oji International Language Institute.



Education Policy

Our institute is a Japanese language school which is actively engaged in providing education for international students who want to enter national, public or private universities and various vocational colleges in Japan. We offer prerequisite education, supplementary lessons of necessary subjects for university admission, as well as support for applying to graduate schools, universities, and vocational colleges.
In order for all the international students to obtain a high score on the EJU test or to pass the JLPT test N1 level, our lessons are all led by outstanding teachers using a “direct teaching method”. We also have extracurricular activities such as school excursions and social study tours.
We teach our students that learning is not only about studying in the classroom, but also about being a part of society while experiencing Japan with their own eyes thereby broadening their horizons.
We believe having a successful studying experience abroad cannot be achieved without a good foundation in everyday life. Living in a foreign country is a process of becoming independent, so we also actively support students in their daily life and value personal conversations. Our staffs are always by your side to support you in reaching your goals, as well as ensure you have a meaningful and enjoyable time here in Japan.

Scholarship Policy

Our institute provides its own scholarship system, as separate from public scholarships.

Students who demonstrate good manners, as well as an outstanding academic and attendance record will be eligible for a scholarship.

Students who demonstrate good manners, as well as an outstanding academic and attendance record will be awarded a scholarship. Students with a passing grade of the JLPT N1 will be awarded a scholarship. There is no limit to the numbers of scholarship recipients.
PRIVATELY FUNDED INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SCHOLARSHIP Our institute drafts officially recommendations to governmental student support organizations for students who demonstrate good manners, as well as an outstanding academic and attendance record, to help them get accepted to a Japanese university after graduating from our institute.

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