Course Guidance

General Japanese Language Course

 In our school, we provide fully support for EJU and JLPT N1 Level on entering the department of fine arts. Teachers of our school will help students in various ways, such as receiving essential admission information, contacting professors and personal guidance of completing research plans in Japanese.
For foreign students, comparing to undergraduate school, they need much more efforts to enter the postgraduate school. In this regard, our school has provided experienced teachers for students with different needs.Experienced teachers will be your consultants giving you appropriate advanced education guidance.

Course Features

There are morning and afternoon classes.
We select the course which is most suited to you.
Having high marks in a test for JLPT or EJU
Preparation for entering higher education individualy with experienced teacher.

Class time

 Days / Day of the week

・5 days per week(Monday-Friday)

 TIME [45 min.×4 sections]

・Morning classes 9:00– 12:30
・Afternoon classes 13:00– 16:30

Level and Goal

Elementary I、II

Period:6 months
Textbook:“Minnna no nihong I、II”
Students will learn basic grammar. Students should be able to express their own ideas, considerations, wishes, and other daily communications.
In addition, students should be able to read easy, short essays, and write short essays.


Period:2-3 months
Textbook:“Chukyu e ikou” “Itsuka dokokade”
This level is a bridge between elementary level and medium level.
While practicing grammar learned in elementary level, students will also do readings comprehension training to prepare for the study of medium level.
And then, students should form the communication ability that is necessary for living in Japan. At the same time, students should begin to prepare for JLPT N3.

Intermediate I、II

Period:6 months
Textbook:“Chukyu wo manabou” “J301”
Students should have systematically learned the grammar system and be able to communicate under various situations during life in Japan.
In addition, students should be able to talk about things related to themselves and topics like their interests.
At the same time, students should begin to prepare for JLPT N2.

Advanced I、II

Period:6 months
Through learning the textbook, students will be able to improve their reading and listening skills so that they can read newspapers and magazines and understand TV programs.
In addition, students will use various vocabularies and expressions learned from lessons to express their own thoughts in discussions and short papers.
At the same time, students should begin to prepare for JLPT N1.

Academic achievement

東京大学大学院、東京外国語大学大学院、お茶の水女子大学大学院、北海道大学大学院、神戸大学大学院、信州大学大学院、室蘭工業大学  etc


早稲田大学大学院、目白大学大学院、作新学院大学大学院、武蔵野大学大学院、拓殖大学、東洋大学、明海大学、城西大学、尚美学園大学  etc


中央情報専門学校、駿台法律経済ビジネス専門学校、中央工学校、浦和専門学校、東京福祉保育専門学校、大森家政専門学校、東京工科自動車大学校、東京国際ビジネスカレッジ、東京ビジュアルアーツ、早稲田文理専門学校  etc