Admission Guidance

Admission Guidance

Application Requirements

Applicants must have completed a total of at least 12 years of formal education and hold qualifications that would allow them to enter university in their home country.
Students who have graduated from senior high school and do not own a bachelor’s degree are required to have passed one of the following Japanese language tests: JLPT N5, J-TEST Exam Level F, or NAT Exam Level 5. Applicants who have successfully passed Japanese language tests such as the BJT, STBJ, TOP-J, or J-cert are also eligible for consideration.

Application Timeline

Course Enrollment period Application deadline Application result Course begins
April 2 years Late September the year before Late February Early April
July 1 year 9 months Late January Late May Early July
October 1 year 6 months Late April Late August Early October
January 1 year 3 months Late August Late November Early January

※The school entrance day is specified in the admission procedure guide to be mailed.

Screening Procedure and Results

Step 1
Submission of application documents and face-to-face interview.

Step 2
Our Selection Committee will consider the documents submitted along with the results of the interview in Step 1 to determine applicants who have successfully passed the first selection procedure.
We will submit the documents of successful applicants to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau requesting a Certificate of Eligibility on behalf of said applicants.
Applicants who do not pass the aforementioned initial screening will see their documents returned to them at this point.

Step 3
The Immigration Bureau will carry out its own examination of the documents submitted and grant a Certificate of Eligibility to applicants it deems eligible (note this is entirely at the discretion of the Immigration Bureau).
Applicants who do not get approved by the Immigration Bureau will be sent a letter to this effect and any certificates submitted as part of the application process will be returned to them at this point.

Documents to Be Prepared by Applicant

  • Application form (form provided by OJI web )
  • Personal history form (form provided by OJI web)
  • Family in Domestic of Financial Supporter form (form provided by OJI web)
  • Photographs 4 (4×3㎝, taken within the last 3 months. Name written on back.)
  • Copy of applicant passport
  • Certificate of graduation (original, copy not accepted)
  • School record for all semesters at the last school graduated (original, copy not accepted)
    (If the applicant entered an elementary school at an age older or younger than the starting age of compulsory education, all the certificates of graduation and all the grade records for all schools graduated are needed. )
  • Documents certifying financial ability of the applicant ( Financial suppoter is desirable for applicant’s father or mother )
  • Following documents are required;
  • Financial support form (form provided by OJI web)
  • Certificate of the payer’s bank balance
  • Certificate of relationship with the applicant
  • Certificate of the payer’s annual income and tax payment for 3 years

※ All documents mentioned- above must be original be issued within 3 months.
※ Additional documents may be required for the applicants from immgiration.

Tuition and Fees

First time
(All students)
Second time
(April students) 1 year
Second time
(July students) 9 months
Second time
(October students) 6 months
Second time
(January students) 3 months
Application fee 20,000 JPY - - - -
Enrollment fee 50,000 JPY - - - -
Facilities fee 50,000 JPY 50,000 JPY 40,000 JPY 30,000 JPY 20,000 JPY
Textbooks fee 30,000 JPY 30,000 JPY 20,000 JPY 15,000 JPY 10,000 JPY
Tuition fee 580,000 JPY 580,000 JPY 440,000 JPY 290,000 JPY 150,000 JPY
Total 730,000 JPY 660,000 JPY 500,000 JPY 335,000 JPY 180,000 JPY


What are the Application Requirements of the Oji International Language Institute?

You must have completed at least 12 years of formal education in your home country. If you do not have a bachelor’s degree or the academic equivalent, you are required to have passed one of the following Japanese language tests:
1. Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 Level
2. J-TEST Exam F Level
3. NAT Exam Level 5 or above (passing grade or a score above 250)
If you have successfully passed a Japanese language tests other than those listed above (such as the BJT, STBJ, TOP-J, or J-cert), you may still be eligible for consideration.

Your earnest aim in coming to Japan should be to study Japanese language. We expect you to be hardworking, considerate and respectful of others, and in good health. Your sponsor’s financial situation must be stable and sufficient.

When should I pay the tuition fees and housing fees?

After we receive the Certificate of Eligibility from the Immigration Bureau, we will send a copy of it to yourself or your overseas agent. After you confirm receipt of said document, you will be required to transfer the tuition fee for the first year as well as half a year of housing fees to the school’s bank account at your earliest convenience. After we confirm that the funds have safely been received, we will mail the original Certificate of Eligibility and related materials to yourself or your overseas agent.

If the Japanese embassy in my country does not accept my visa application, do I get my tuition and housing fees back?

In line with school policy, should the Japanese embassy in your country deny your visa application, we ask you to return the admission letter to us via regular mail along with a copy of your passport. After we confirm receipt of these documents, we will return the tuition and housing fees to you. Please note this does not include application and enrollment fees, and that any service charge associated with the return transfer will be at your own expense.

Application for Admission

 Application for Admission for OJI

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