Embrace new challenges

By 2020-05-19 June 8th, 2020 News

Japanese Language Proficiency Test has been canceled after EJU had been canceled.

Can’t stop feeling sorry for both the students and the instructors who have been preparing well.


Since those two major exams cannot be used for academic evaluation any more,

educational institutes are required to have essential flexibility.


Would be a good time to look again entrenched systems such as teaching plan, selection process and  examination.

Through one and a half month online lessons,

new approaches were found by accident which you will never know while teaching in a classroom conventionally.


A major telecom company has announced that their staffs are allowed to work from home even after the pandemic was over.
Though telecom industry and education industry are not the same,

in terms of taking an advantage, the news was quite thought-provoking.


It’s a good opportunity to embrace new challenges.